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Greece is famous for its black sand beaches in Santorini and the Mykonos Beach Resort. Due to its great influence in art, philosophy, politics and sports, this country has had a great influence in the history of antiquity and that is why it is often called the cradle of Western civilization. Athens, the capital of Greece, has artifacts from the 5th century BC. The Acropolis Castle and the Parthenon were among the most famous historical sites of the time. The name Greece is derived from the Latin name Graecia. In 500 BC, wars broke out between Iran and Greece, leading to the victory of Greece. The country has a population of about 10 million, and famous Greek cities such as Thessaloniki, Santorini, Rhodes and Athens are attractive places for tourists on their travels to Greece.

Greece hotels

هتل های یونان

When planning a travel to Greece through housing companies, you can know the rental price in Athens and rent an apartment in Athens in its cheap seasons. In this country there are various hotels with many facilities for tourists, including:

Royal Olympic Hotel:

This 5-star hotel is a wonderful hotel decorated with stone pillars. The hotel has a swimming pool and amenities for travelers. The hotel is 1 minute from the nearest tram station, 3 minutes from the Temple of Zeus Olympia and 14 minutes from the Parthenon, and it costs around $ 162 a night.

Athens Gate Hotel:

Located at a 3 minutes’ walk from the Temple of Zeus Olympus, this 4-star hotel features views of the Acropolis from the room windows. The rooms have a minibar and a TV. The hotel has a pool with a free breakfast buffet and free Wi-Fi. A one-night stay at this hotel costs around $ 164.

Karavados Beach Hotel:

This 3-star hotel is located in southern Kefalonia, 2 km south of Karavados Village. As this hotel is not built in a residential area, it enjoys a peaceful environment and picturesque nature. The hotel has satellite TV in the lobby, free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool and a sun terrace. The cost for one night in this hotel is around $ 100.

Diseases and reqired vaccinations before traveling to Greece

بیماری ها و واکسن های مورد نیاز قبل از سفر به یونان

All travelers are advised to ensure that they are vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus and polio. If it has been more than ten years since your last vaccination, consult your doctor or local healthcare provider about the need for vaccinations at least 6 weeks before your trip to Greece. Use hepatitis A vaccines to prevent infection from contaminated food and water, hepatitis B vaccines to prevent contaminated body fluids and rabies vaccines to avoid the risk of being bitten by animals. These tips are important when traveling to Greece: Get vaccinated. Eat healthy, unpolluted food and drink. Keep away from animals. Do not expose yourself to germs. Avoid transfusion of blood and body fluids. Do not use non-sterile medical equipment and cosmetics.

Potential dangers to tourists in Greece

خطرات احتمالی برای گردشگران در یونان

Travel warnings for Greece are rarely given. Despite a period of turmoil, Greece is relatively safe. Since July 2018, the US State Department has not banned US travelers from visiting the country and has only required travelers to take regular precautions and always carry their passports with them. When traveling to Greece, there are some common dangers, so visitors are advised to be careful when leaving the ports of Patras and Igoumenitsa and check their car before entering ships, as migrants always try to hide in tourist cars. Theft is constantly increasing in some neighborhoods of Athens (near the Acropolis, and especially around Filopappou, Monastiraki, and Omonia Square) as well as in the train stations, Larissa and Peloponnese. It is recommended that visitors carry copies of their identity and travel documents. If you are traveling alone, do not leave your belongings unattended at night for even a moment, as they should be in any other big city.

Car rental in Greece

To rent a car when traveling to Greece, consult car rental sites such as Europcar and that rent cars in all countries and cities, including Greece, without the need for a credit card, and provide car rental services in Athens, Rhodes, Mykonos, Paras, Corfu and other cities. To rent a car to travel to Greece, you must have an international driver’s license and be at least 21 years old. In Greece, the steering wheel is on the left. The average price of gasoline in Greece is 1.56 euros per liter. The quality of Greek roads is not high, the width of the mountain roads is low, the accident rate in Greece is higher than in European countries, and the fine of driving violations is high, reaching more than 1000 euros. So drive with caution and in the event of an accident, contact the car rental company. The cost of renting a car ranges from 88 euros to 500 euros for three days, depending on the type of vehicle.

Insurance and medical facilities for tourists in Greece

بیمه و تسهیلات درمانی برای گردشگران در یونان

It is recommended to obtain your travel insurance before traveling to Greece, as one of the conditions for obtaining a Schengen visa is to get travel insurance in the amount of 30 thousand euros, and it is necessary to present it during the interview at the embassy. By choosing Greece travel insurance, you will be fully protected against potential travel accidents. Health insurance allows you to pay in the event of an accident or death and medical care coverage (minimum 30,000 euros). You can also use this insurance to cover additional travel options that matter to you, such as lost equipment or flight delays. Before traveling, it is necessary to provide travel and medical insurance for you and your family through travel agencies in Greece or by direct visit and even online, in order to travel safely.

Banking and financial services for tourists in Greece

The Greeks use the euro as their currency. When traveling to Greece, be aware that banks are usually open on weekdays, from 8 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon for currency exchange. Bank credit cards are accepted in major cities and tourist areas in Greece, but it is always better to have cash with you, because some shops and even hotels are not used to accepting bank cards and you have to buy with cash in rural areas. Greece is definitely not cheap, especially as Athens is very expensive. Travelers should plan $50 a day for their budget to travel to Greece, while luxury travelers and those planning to visit more than 200 Greek islands can expect between $150 and $350 a day or more. Although there is no limit to the amount of cash you can bring into Greece, you must declare an amount in excess of ten thousand euros. City stores and supermarkets usually open from 9am to 8pm. In small towns and remote neighborhoods, shops may close for a few hours in the afternoon.

Essentials for traveling to Greece

You need to bring less clothes and shoes to carry your luggage more easily. So, depending on your travel history and the type of activities you plan to do, bring the right shoes and clothing. Taking a raincoat and sneakers is a must for traveling to Greece because you will have a lot of walking and it may rain. Having a backpack is a must for carrying daily patrol essentials. Take electronic devices like cell phones and accessories like portable chargers, as well as cameras with extra memory cards and flash memory if needed. In Greece, electrical sockets are type C and F, standard voltage is 230 and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. Keep important documents such as passports, ID cards, visa and hotel cards with your money in a wallet and it is best to conceal them inside your clothes. Take your medications with your doctor’s prescription.

Greece weather

آب و هوای یونان

During your stay in Greece, you will enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean climate. The weather in Greece during the winter months can be cold and damp, but you can usually see several bright days at this time, and you might even see snow in Greece, so skiing in the highlands is possible. The winters are usually cold and rainy, while the summers are hot and dry. Temperatures reach 45 ° C in July and August, and even without rain, storms in Greece can be very severe. On the trip to Greece, you will find that the country enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and wet winters with the warmest day at around 22 ° C. The hottest month in Athens is August, with an average temperature of 29 degrees Celsius, the coldest month is January, with a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, and the longest sunny day is July 12. December is also the wettest month, with an average of 97.6 mm of rain.

Flights from Iran to Greece

پروازها از ایران به یونان

Travelers interested in traveling to Greece can get a ticket to Athens from Aegean Airlines and take a direct flight from Tehran to Athens, which takes 4 hours. Santorini Island is one of the most important tourist destinations in Greece and there is no direct flight from Tehran to this destination. Passengers can book and buy tickets to Greece via Santorini agencies through Aegean Airlines. The flight stops in Athens and then flies to Santorini. Cheap Santorini tickets can be found through Athens tour agencies during their cheap season in Greece. Another flight from Tehran to Greece has three stops in Athens, Thessaloniki and then Santorini, respectively, as travelers can also get this ticket to Greece. There are other airlines that fly to Greece and fly to Athens, but they make stops in its hometown, including British Airways, which flies to Athens after its stopover in London.

Greece tourist visa

ویزای توریستی یونان

Greece is a European member of the Schengen Agreement, so applicants traveling to Greece must complete all Schengen visa procedures. It is necessary to conduct an interview with the Greek Embassy. The visa application form must be downloaded from the website of the embassy and completed after printing. The documents required to be presented to the embassy at the time of coming to the interview are:

A completed tourist visa application form
– The applicant’s valid passport with the previous passport
– Certificate of confirmation of residency reservation in Greece
– A 2-way ticket confirmation for travel to Greece
– Valid printing of bank account transactions for a period of three months
– 2 pieces of 3.5 x 4.5 photos with a white background
– Travel insurance in the amount of thirty thousand euros
– A while-studying certificate for students
– Certificate of employment for workers in organizations and departments
– A commercial license for self-employed persons
* All documents must be approved and in English

Tourist attractions and famous places in Greece

جاذبه‌ های گردشگری و اماکن معروف یونان

Attractions in Athens:

Athens, the capital of Greece, was a city at the heart of the powerful ancient Greek civilization and empire. The name of this historical city is taken from Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, who, according to the ancients, was the guardian of this city. On the trip to Greece, you’ll find that the city is still influenced by 5th century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hill complex with ancient buildings such as the Parthenon. The Acropolis Museum, along with the National Archaeological Museum, keeps sculptures, vases, jewelry, and other artifacts from ancient Greece. The population of this city is less than 4 million. The Greek metro, founded in 1869, is one of the oldest in the world.

Mykonos island:
The most interesting part of the Greek island is Mykonos. It is the center of after-dark activities in Mykonos City. This includes stylish hotels, prestigious seafood restaurants, and live music venues. Other attractions are a visit to Paraportiani (a white church in Mykonos Town) and the many sandy beaches along the island’s southern coast (which can be seen by bike or taxi boat from Mykonos Town). A trip to Mykonos is a trip to a well-known island as an international tourist destination in Greece. Mykonos has an airport and is connected by ship to the ports of Athens, Piraeus and Rafina.

Good seasons to travel to Greece

فصول مناسب سفر به یونان

It is difficult to say the best time to travel to Greece. Like many other countries, you can have a different experience depending on when you decide to travel. Summer is Greece’s busiest tourist season. This is when most of the people decide to visit this country and that is the reason why most of the places you visit are crowded. As a result, housing will be much more expensive. Additionally, summers in Greece are hot and dry and temperatures up to 40 ° C are very common, so don’t forget to use sunscreen. Spring and autumn are arguably the best times to visit Greece. Since summer is the busiest season in Greece, prices will be much cheaper at this time. In these seasons, you do not have to face as large a population as in the summer. You can easily go anywhere and feel comfortable. Due to the small number of travelers, you can use the beaches especially in spring and autumn. The islands are not crowded during the winter months, but much of the island’s infrastructure (hotels, restaurants, etc.) is closed between October and April. In winter skiing is possible on the mountains of Paranassos and Olympus.

Travel by land, air, sea, train and backpacking to Greece

سفر زمینی، هوایی، دریایی و سفر با قطار و بک پک به یونان

The road travel to Greece from Tehran to Athens takes 39 hours without stopping and traffic. Start your journey from Tehran to the northwest to reach the border city of Bazerkan. At this place and after entering the territory of Turkey, continue your journey to the northwest, passing through the cities of Ankara and Istanbul. Then along the coastal cities of the Marmara Sea, you have to cross Turkey to reach the Greek border. Since Greece is one of the European countries that is a party to the Schengen Agreement, a Schengen visa is required to travel to Greece and enter the country. In Greece, you have to pass through the cities near the Aegean coast to the south to reach the Greek capital, Athens. Since Greece is made up of a group of 6000 small islands, some distances are longer to find a land route for overland travel.

Greece one day tours

تورهای تفریحی یک روزه یونان

Metéora monasteries tour:
One of the most unusual landscapes in Greece is the Plain of Thessaly, with the monasteries of Meteora built on its exotic slopes for centuries. This place and its six monasteries are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Tourists traveling to Greece must go through several stages of rock climbing to reach each monastery. Inside each monastery you will find lit candles, religious symbols, Byzantine paintings and burning incense. Opening hours for each monastery vary, and to see all 6 monasteries, you must spend at least one day in the area. The closest city to this place is Kalambaka.

Rhodes city:
Along the Aegean Sea, near Turkey, Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese. Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Greece. The place is surrounded by a wonderful system of empowerment, including tall towers and gates built by the Knights of Saint John who ruled the island after controlling it in the 14th century. The car-free cobbled streets of the Old Town are a great place to walk. Attractions include the beautiful coastal town of Landos and Marmaris on the Turkish coast, which can be visited by pleasure boats. Access to Rhodes is provided by airport, as are regular ships from the port of Piraeus in Athens.

Exhibitions and conferences in Greece

During your trip to Greece, you will see that every year there are many exhibitions in the fields of food, industry, science, arts and fashion in Greece.
Fashion Industry Fair in Athens:
The Greek Fashion Show is one of the largest fashion shows in the world, and it takes place in September 20-23. The purpose of this exhibition is to showcase and market the Greek clothing industry. This event enables brands and companies to realize their various innovative ideas and use the display space to distinguish from other brands. This exhibition promotes retail clothing store designs and the development of modern industries using the latest technology. During your trip to Greece, you will find that this event is essential for the expansion of the Greek retail apparel industry and brands among clothing brands around the world.
Athena coffee festival:
The Athens Coffee Festival runs from the 28th to the 30th of September. The festival showcases a variety of green coffee, espresso machines, coffee and tea drinks, automatic coffee machines and home barista equipment.
Pickups and trucks showroom:
During your trip to Greece, visit this professional auto show, which takes place every two years from the 9th to the 11th of November in Greece. In this exhibition, the best in the transportation industry are honored. Visitors are impressed by the diversity of international transport, distribution trucks and public transport vehicles. The exhibition also includes a variety of auto body, stunning bodywork, cold storage rooms, buggies, telematics and truck vehicles. Nowadays, Greece’s progress in road transport has changed for the better with the presence of transport companies, commercial and industrial companies in this field.

Festivals, events and celebrations in Greece

فستیوال ها و رویدادها و جشن ها در یونان

During your trip to Greece, you will see that the most important holiday in Greece is accompanied by many celebrations and carnivals.
Epiphany is one of the most sacred Greek Orthodox celebrations, with many Christian traditions rooted in ancient times. This celebration is also called Theofania or Fota, and it is celebrated on January 6, the day of the baptism of Jesus Christ, a day full of joy and light. On this day, the local priest takes basil and cross home and throws a cross into the water to bless. Young men jump into the water on this cold day. If you are traveling to Greece at this time, enjoy visiting this event.
Greece’s Carnival season Apokries:
Greece’s Carnival season, known as Apokries, is a period that traditionally begins ten weeks before Orthodox Easter and culminates in Holy Monday in March. During your trip to Greece, you will see that during this period, many fun celebrations and competitions are held throughout the country. The Greek name Apokries means abstaining from eating meat, because after that the Easter period begins.

Historical sites in Greece

مکان های تاریخی در یونان

Acropolis Hill in Athens:

The Acropolis is known as a symbol of Athens, Greece, and of course Western civilization, and on a trip to Greece you will see a rocky hill in the heart of modern Athens, overgrown with three magnificent temples from the 5th century BC. Its most famous and recognizable part is the Parthenon, where the 58 columns supporting the ceiling are decorated with stucco and stone figures. Down the Acropolis Hill are other important attractions of the ancient city such as the ancient Agora, the Roman Society, Kerameikos, and the Temple of Olympus Zeus. The group forms an archaeological walkway, 2.5 km long.
Delphi on mainland Greece is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located 180 km northwest of Athens. This place is built on the steep slopes of Mount Parnassus, overlooking a beautiful valley. This amazing attraction was sacred to the ancients, and it is here that they worship Apollo (god of light, messages, music, and healing) and seek to unleash the inspiration for his myths. On the trip to Greece, you’ll see the ruins of many temples, theaters, and stadiums, dating back between eighth century BC and second century AD. Close to this site is the Delphi Archaeological Museum, which displays an impressive collection of artifacts from tourist attractions.

Natural attractions of Greece

جاذبه های طبیعی در یونان

Santorini Islands:
Santorini Islands have stunning views of all the Greek islands. The island is famous for the rocky towns of Fira and Oya, which seem to be located on top of a volcanic region above the blue waters of the sea. Its buildings are made of white brick cubes and have blue vaulted ceilings, many of which have been converted into beautiful hotels with infinity pools. Both Vera and Oya are popular among newlyweds. They travel to Greece for weddings and honeymoon. Along with Santorini’s sights, activities on the islands include sunbathing and swimming on the sandy beaches in the south and east, as well as visiting the archaeological sites of Akrotiri, an ancient platform on the lava site, which was created about 3,600 years ago. The island has an airport and can be reached by ship and ferry from the port of Piraeus in Athens.
Corfu town is one of the best tourist destinations in Greece, located on the west coast of the country. The city of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its beautiful Italian architecture, which was ruled by the Venetian dynasty for centuries. Explore its quirky streets, discover 16th century castles and the forts of Liston which house old cafés. This beautiful island has cliffs reaching to the sea in the north and green hills in the south. The most famous beach in this region is Paleokastritsa, on the west coast, 25 km from Corfu town. Here you will see a series of deep valleys with amber sand beaches in a clear blue sea. Corfu has an airport and ferries to and from the island.

Religious tourism in Greece

توریسم مذهبی در یونان

Religious travel is the oldest form of travel in human history. Religious tourism in Greece is one of the strongest tourist attractions, especially when combined with a beach vacation and sunshine. Religious travel is a powerful attraction that motivates people from all over the world to travel to the famous and sacred religious landmarks of Greece.
One of these attractions is Mount Athos, which enjoys the beauty of nature next to the surrounding sea. Most Greeks have always believed in gods, and building thousands of Byzantine and post-Byzantine temples did not stop for thousands of years, creating a variety of mosaics, murals, icons, and numerous churches and religious sites. Greece has an impressive Orthodox religious history of nearly 2000 years. The splendid Greek nature is linked to the structures and influences of the worship of different Orthodox religions, which brings historical value and rare Greek culture. Some of these places of worship include the Vatopidi Monastery in the northeastern part of the Athos Peninsula, the Iveron Monastery, the Georgian Monastery, the Svigmino Church on Mount Athos, and the Ekatontpiliani Orthodox Church on the island of Paros, which narrate these true mixes of art and religion for travelers to Greece.

Medical tourism in Greece

توریسم سلامت در یونان

Greek Medical Tourism provides travel facilities to Greece for patients from all over the world to find high-quality, low-cost medical services. They provide quality services to international patients who want to combine their treatment with their vacation in Greece. Medical services include laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, infertility treatment and plastic surgery.
Greece is one of the best European countries in terms of natural hot springs due to the quality and uniqueness of its natural thermal resources (including 750 mineral springs, of which 82 are active and 34 are registered as medicinal treatments) The Greek Academy of Thermal Medicine revealed the beneficial properties of thermal springs along with the biological nature of Greece. , Which has a great comparative advantage over other countries for tourists traveling to Greece. Thermal medicine pharmaceutical programs for health tourists touring Greece include mineral spa treatments, respiratory treatments, herbal remedies, sludge, seawater treatments, and weather treatments.

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