Sabanci University

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Sabanci University is one of the private universities in Turkey that was opened in 1994. There are prestigious universities in Turkey that provide students with the opportunity to study. Sabanci University is one of the best universities in Turkey, as it accepts many students annually.

In this article, and in order to learn more about Sabancı University, we will provide information about this university, how to get accepted and study costs.

Learn about Sabanci University in Turkey

دانشگاه سابانجی

Sabanci University is one of the most ideal places to study in Turkey. The university offers different majors in 3 faculties. One of the features of Sabancı University is its great academic freedoms. This means that students are allowed to change majors in the first two years of study. This possibility is due to the students’ increased awareness of higher education and better knowledge of their preferred field of work.

In June 1994, Sabanci University was established by one of the leading institutions in Turkey, Sabanci Vakfi (Sabanci Foundation). In August 1995, the University Development Committee held a conference with the participation of faculty members, professors, students, private sector directors, etc.

The conference was followed by an official opening ceremony on July 31, 1997, at the Sabanci Campus, and the university was officially inaugurated. Sabanci University started its second academic year on 20 October 1999 and has been one of the leading universities in Turkey since its inception.

Education at Sabanci University

Sabanci University is one of the creative and innovative universities in the field of science and research. Sabanci University carries out its research efforts in applied and strategic areas, with the aim of enhancing knowledge and assisting in community development. Thanks to its educational facilities such as laboratories, research centers and colleges, this university helps to advance science and knowledge as possible.

Faculties of Sabanci University

There are several colleges at Sabanci University, each offering its own specialization. The university has three colleges and a language school:

  • College of Arts and Social Sciences
  • College of Natural Sciences and Engineering
  • Management college
  • Language school

It should be noted that all research institutes and laboratories are located within the faculties, the most famous of which is the Nanotechnology Research Institute.

Sabanci University majors

Sabanci University in Turkey offers many majors and has made it possible for all students to study in these disciplines. Some of the courses offered in the faculties of this university include:

  • Physics
  • Engineering and Computer Science
  • Electrical engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Nanotechnology and material science
  • Electromechanical engineering
  • Biomolecular and biomolecular engineering
  • Cultural studies
  • Economic Science
  • Administration
  • Political Science
  • International Studies
  • Social Science
  • Social links
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Visual arts

Sabanci University Entrance Exam

آزمون‌های ورودی دانشگاه سابانجی

Students must participate in the SAT to be accepted into Sabanci University. This exam is one of the most important entrance exams in Turkish universities. Students intending to enter the university are required to participate in this exam. Postgraduate and PhD students are required to submit GRE and GMAT test scores.

The passing scores of the SAT exam at Sabanci University are as follows:

SAT score for international students: at least 1,100 out of 1,600
SAT Maths Test Score: at least 600 out of 800

The validity of the SAT score for Sabancı University is 2 years after receiving it. Two years after grtting the result, you should try again.

SAT Test Code for Sabanci University in Istanbul: 7100

Language of Study at Sabanci University

The language of instruction at Sabanci University is English. For this reason, Sabanci has 2 courses for all students and everyone should participate in them:

The first session: Basic Education
The second session: University Education

Students are required to successfully complete the basic education course and then enroll in the second cycle.

Basic Education

  • The basic education course includes passing ELAE (English Language Exam) and complete training in English and Turkish language.
  • After completing this course, students can join the undergraduate course.
    In this course, undergraduates are divided into three levels according to the ELAE test score: beginner, intermediate, and upper-intermediate.
  • Using new methods and holding regular classes organized by Sabanci University Language School, students improve their English and Turkish language skills during this course.

After succeeding in this course, students enter the second cycle or university course and begin their first academic year as a freshman.

University Education

  • During this course, students receive interdisciplinary training and take specialized courses in their field.
  • Since Sabanci University has an interdisciplinary approach, it creates good interaction between its different majors. The university strives to establish a close link between the natural sciences and the social sciences.

In this regard, first-year students take courses that focus on society and humanity. Among these courses, we can mention humane and society, nature and science, history of the Turkish revolution, Ataturk principles, etc.

After completing the first two years of study, which is almost the same for all and includes interdisciplinary education, students choose their preferred field and study in this field in a specialized way.

Sabanci University Scholarships

Scholarships in this university are awarded to students regardless of gender, race, nationality, color, religion, etc., which facilitates the study process for many students.

International undergraduate and doctoral students have the opportunity to get a scholarship to study at Sabanci University. There is a limited number of scholarships at all levels and the competition is intense.

Some degrees do not guarantee the level of the scholarship. While filling in the application form for admission to the university, you can fill out the relevant section to prove your desire for a scholarship. However, all applicants will be automatically evaluated for the scholarship even if they do not fill out this section.
Note that academic records, reference letters, test results, grades on all lessons, interview results, and any document indicating your academic success, such as awards in competitions, and any Olympiad certificate, will be considered by the Scholarship Committee. So, don’t miss uploading this type of document.

The Scholarships Committee reserves the right to request additional degrees or conditions from prospective students. Once you receive the scholarship at the time of admission, it continues for your regular period of study.

For postgraduate scholarships, your academic record (previous bachelor degrees, GPA, letters of reference, etc.) and test scores (GMAT / GRE scores, etc.) will be evaluated according to the criteria required at the time of admission, and if you are different types of scholarships eligible with the decision It is taken by the Sabanci University Scholarships Committee.
There are many opportunities for international students to obtain postgraduate scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to many students each year.

Sabanci University facilities

Among the facilities of Sabanci University, the following can be mentioned:

  • Housing and accommodation for international students
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Sports Center
  • Health center (private health insurance for each student)
  • Cinema, supermarket, library, bank
  • Exceptional IT service package (laptop, standard set of installed software and uninterrupted Internet access anywhere on campus)
  • More than 50 active student clubs
  • Lab and information center (library) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Sabanci University Ranking

The ranking of this university shows the high level of quality of Sabanci University among the best universities in Turkey and the world. The high ranking of Sabanci University made it one of the best universities in Turkey. This university enjoys a good position among universities in the world.
The following is the ranking of this university in the most prestigious university rankings:

QS World University Rankings 2021: 521-530

World University Rankings 2021: ranked 501-600

Ranking of the world’s best universities in 2021: 901

Tuition fees at Sabanci University

The Sabanci University tuition fee is 77,000 liras in all fields with the approval of the university president. Studying at Sabanci University in Turkey will be one of the best options economically.

Admission to Sabanci University

The conditions and documents required for admission to Sabanci University are as follows:

  • Online payment for the application form and verification
  • A copy of one of the test / diploma results with a valid score accepted by the university
  • For graduates, high school diploma (if it is in another language instead of Turkish or English, notarized translation must also be provided)
  • Official transcript showing all courses and grades obtained in the entire secondary education (accredited by the High School Authority)
  • TOEFL or IELTS language proficiency test result
  • If available, an academic recommendation letter

If the applicant completed his secondary education in Turkey, the following documents are required:

A) A copy of the residence permit for those who hold foreign citizenship

B) A copy of the blue card or an official letter renouncing Turkish citizenship for those who renounce Turkish citizenship

C) A copy of the residence permit or an official document stating the date of obtaining Turkish citizenship (such as Vukuatlı Nüfus Kayıt Örneği or a court order) for those who did not obtain Turkish citizenship by birth, all application documents must be submitted to the Sabanci University Student Resources Unit no later than the deadline of submission.

After you have been accepted into the first stage by Sabanci University, you will be invited for a written or in-person interview. After the success of the interview, you become a member of the large Sabancı family.

It should be noted that in order to be accepted into Sabanci, like other Turkish universities, you are not required to be a Turkish citizen and you need to apply for a student visa.

Career prospects for graduates

Sabanci University alumni enjoy a good standing in Turkey and other countries of the world. Ninety percent of university graduates find work less than three months after graduating. Also, many of the 7000 master’s and doctoral graduates have been hired to study or work in the world’s most prestigious universities.

among these universities:

  • Harvard university
  • University of Massachusetts
  • Stanford University
  • Polytechnic University of Milan
  • Boston University
  • Brown University

Also, many Sabanci University graduates in Turkey work for reputable companies such as:

  • Unileve
  • Accenture
  • Procter& Gamble
  • Ford
  •  Deloitte & Touche



In order to study in Turkey and get to know the universities and the conditions related to them, it is necessary to obtain help from a specialist to perform all the steps in the correct way possible.

Our suggestion to you is that if you are planning to send your children to study in Turkey or have any questions in this regard, contact our consultants at GO2TR so that they can give you the best guidance after a specialist review of your situation.

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